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Specification and details: Ajax Model AJ-500 - Surface Grinders

Ajax - Model AJ-500 - Surface Grinders
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Ref: sm1206
Manufacturer: Ajax
Model/Type: Model AJ-500 - Surface Grinders
Price (GBP): P.O.A
Details: There are many models of Ajax Surface Grinding Machines with working areas up to 3200 x 850mm.

All machines are traditional in design with easy access for complete, accurate and efficient control. All models are suitable for toolroom and production work. The longitudinal table movement is hydraulically driven and the cross traverse and wheel head feeds are electrically driven, all with infinitely variable speed control.

All models are available with manual downfeed of the wheel head and/or automatic downfeed which can be incrementally pre-set. Machines with the 'H' suffix indicate automatic longitudinal and cross feed as standard. Suffix 'HD' indicates that machines are also equipped with automatic downfeed.

The Wheel Head
The wheel head spindle on all models is mounted on super precision bearings, completely sealed and maintenance free. The casting is constructed for extreme rigidity of the spindle and bearing assemblies. The grinding spindle is directly coupled to a dynamically balanced, flange-mounted motor through a shock absorbing coupling. The wheel head of all HD models is provided with rapid power positioning with fine positioning carried out by means of a 0.0025mm incremented handwheel.

The longitudinal movement of the table is provided hydraulically and the rate of traverse is infinitely variable between the ranges shown below.
Lubrication of all slideways is by means of an electronically controlled pump unit through metering valves to the various lubrication ports. Hand traverse of the work table is by means of a hand wheel rack and pinion. The table is provided with ample operator splash protection.

Working surface (mm): 483 x 228
Maximum Longitudinal
Traverse (mm): 520
Longitudinal speed (m/min): 7-25
Maximum grinding
length & width (mm) : 508 x 254
Maximum table loading (kg):

Grinding Head
Grinding wheel size (mm): 200 x 13 x 32
Spindle speed (rpm): 2900
Maximum height of spindle centre (mm) : 480
Vertical positioning: Hand (H) Power (HD)
Vertical downfeed (HD model only): Auto
Vertical traverse handwheel
graduation (mm) : 0.0025
Cross feed handwheel
graduation (mm) : 0.02
Cross feed travel (mm): 0-267
Automatic cross traverse
(mm): 0-17.5

Hydraulic System
Working pressure (kg/cm2): 18-22
Tank capacity (l): 60

Grinding spindle power: 2Hp (1.5kW)
Cross feed: 0.2Hp (0.15kW)
Vetical positioning /
downfeed: 0.25Hp (0.18kW)
Hydraulic pump: 2Hp (1.5kW)
Coolant pump: 0.25Hp (0.18kW)
Coolant flow rate (l/min): 40

Weight and Dimensions
Net weight of machine (kg): 1300
Gross weight (kg): 1550
Dimensions (mm): 1524 x 914 x 1740
Shipping case
dimensions (mm): 1680 x 1630 x 2010
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